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At Superior Concrete, we appreciate our farming community and are always ready to assist with concrete projects on and around the farm.

Using Concrete On The Farm

Whether you're building or remodeling farm facilities, we've got you covered!

We understand that many farm-specific applications for concrete have special requirements for safety, durability, and longevity. Whether you're working on floors, paved areas for feedlots, manure handling areas, walls of buildings, or special storage structure to accommodate products such as feed and grain, you can count on Superior Concrete to work with you to help ensure that your project achieves all necessary requirements.

Common applications for concrete for farm & agriculture include:

- Poultry Houses - Dairy Barns - Feeder Barns - Manure Pits - Concrete Silos

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Crushed Concrete:

Superior Concrete offers crushed concrete for sale. The use of this recycled material is helping our environment by keeping it out of landfills as well as saving our customers money for fill material or crushed stone. This concrete has been crushed to 2-3 inches with smaller sizes mixed in to allow great compaction. Our crushed concrete has been used on many VDOT and commercial projects around the valley. Our crushed concrete has no foreign material such as soils, wood, and steel.

Ideal uses for Crushed Concrete include:

~ Basement Sub Base ~ Garage Sub Base ~ Driveway Sub Base ~ Fill